HLB Photography - About




Hey, thanks for coming to find out more about me! I'm Hannah and I've worked in the UK for years as a main stage photographer at all types of events from arenas to festivals and also on location and in the studio. As you might have seen already, I specialise in and love shooting anything music and extreme sports related from live gigs to location & studio shoots and video shoots! I also photograph portraits covering everything entertainment based including bands and actor head shots!

I have always loved photography. When I was a kid live pictures of the bands I listened to made me want to shoot music. When I was still at College I was shooting as many gigs as I could. Smash Hits Tours were one of my favourite! I've been lucky enough to meet some very cool and interesting people in my work and have even managed to squeeze in working behind the scenes as an artiste P.A. and Tour Manager! Not bad for a girl from Wiltshire!

Okay admittedly, my 'About Me' has looked a little sparse until now. I'm really not good at writing about myself, I never know what to say! So I decided to enlist some lovely people who I've worked with to help me out...

‘Hannah is a delight to work with. Professional, enthusiastic and friendly. Her attention to detail is amazing and the quality of her work speaks for itself. Thank you very much for making my job so much easier.’

Clayton Nicholls; Obsidian Entertainment

If you'd like to find out more about me and my photography, I'd love to hear from you so get in touch!